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Offshore Wind

1. Wind turbine installation vessels (self elevating jack-ups)
Full analysis package:

  • Strength analysis of hull (both ship and offshore parts)
  • Strength analysis of legs, jackhouses and other parts of jacking system
  • Extensive fatigue analysis
  • Determination of environmental loads due to wind, waves and current
  • Global response analysis in elevated position
  • Global response analysis in elevated position
  • Site specific assessment.

Full analysis package was realized by all our specialists in the case of WTIV “Vidar” (present “Vole au Vent”).
Now they are partly engaged in design development of the biggest WTIV ever built.

2. Analysis of wind turbines on fixed foundations

3. Analysis of wind turbines on floating or semi-floating platforms

4. HVDC converter platform

  • Structural analysis of topside module
  • Structural analysis of jacket support

Offshore construction

All our specialists took part in design development of special-purpose mobile heavy lift jack-up barge “Zourite”dedicated to construction works offshore around island of La Reunion, where new 5.4 km viaduct was to be built along the coast.

The main function of the barge was load-out, transport and installation of large foundation bases, piles and road bridge elements. The barge was equipped with heavy lift overhead travelling crane (OHTC) with high supporting substructure.

Our specialists were responsible for structural analysis of the whole barge, which covered full analysis package typical for self elevating jack-up units and much more due to variety of operational modes of the barge. One of more difficult tasks was analysis of OHTC (substructure).

Offshore Oil and Gas

1. Structural analysis (strength and fatigue) of selected parts of large offshore units, e.g. FPSO, FSRU, etc

  • Hull structures in general
  • Topside module substructures
  • Flare tower
  • Foundations of mooring equipment
  • Hang-off support structures for risers
  • etc.

2. Dropped object structural analysis

3. Hydrodynamic / seakeeping calculations - direct wave load analysis

  • Determination of extreme loads and relevant load cases for ultimate strength calculations.
  • Determination of dynamic loads applicable in fatigue strength assessment

4. Analiza systemów utrzymywania pozycji (DP, mooring)

Offshore marine operations

All phases of typical operation:

  • Load-out
  • Sea fastening
  • Heavy lift transport
  • Towing