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In maritime sector we provide verification of structural designs (newbuildings and conversions) of all ship types. ..


Wind turbine installation vessels (self elevating jack-ups) ...


Rail transport engineering is a source of constantly new challenges. The market requires design at the limit of technical feasibility ...



railway industry



We are a team of Marine/Offshore Engineers, Naval Architects and other experts with professional experience in shipbuilding and other industries gained during many years of practice (mainly in ship design offices and shipyards). Our key area of interest focuses on marine and offshore sector however we also provide consulting and analysis services in other branches, e.g. railway transport.

We deliver CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) services, mainly in the field of numerical analysis of structures and simulation of different mechanical systems. Therefore, as our domain we offer the most comprehensive and complex application of FEM (Finite Element Method) and other numerical methods of CAE, like CFD simulations (Computational Fluid Dynamics).

Hence, we provide efficient computational analysis support of designing process as well as construction and operation phases, in accordance with applicable rules / regulations and technical state of the art. Our services cover different phases of project development:
• Feasibility studies
• Conceptual design

• Basic design
• Construction execution
• Refit and conversion design
• Lifetime extension

We offer numerical analysis of structures and other complex mechanical systems, including all kinds of internal/external loads (operational and environmental):

- Strength of structures
- Ultimate strength of structures
- Fatigue strength of structures
- Optimization of structural designs
- Vibration of structures
- Vibration of machinery, equipment and hull appendages
- High speed dynamics – structural impact problems, crash
- High speed dynamics – shock response analysis
- Earthquake response analysis
- Environmental loads and responses – fixed structures
- Environmental loads and responses – floating structures
- Special hydrodynamic problems – CFD simulations

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